Hero Monkey Saves Fellow Monkey After Electrocution.

This video, taken in Kanpu, India on Saturday, shows a monkey desperately trying to revive a fellow monkey after it had strayed onto a railway line and was electrocuted.

Apparently the tried and tested method of monkey revival is a severe bout of ragdolling mixed with repeated sessions of water plunging. You didn’t think we would post up a video like this with a sad ending? It’s Christmas after all.



Thirsty Jackdaw Politely Asks For Water.

I’ve watched this video a couple of times now and I’m still fascinated by the way this Jackdaw knows exactly where the water is contained and how to instigate the humans around it to open the bottle up.

Also, to the nervous young man in the shorts, it’s okay it’s a small bird, not a great white shark.

(Via Laughing Squid)

European Catfish Now Hunt Pigeons.

The video above was taken over the River Tarn in southwestern France and shows a  number of large catfish stalking and ultimately killing pigeons on the river shoreline.

The footage has sent the scientific community into an excited tizzy with many claiming the catfish are now demonstrating ‘evidence of adaptive behaviour’ which is more common in dolphins and killer whales. With the fish, who aren’t mammals, crossing the water-land surface for food in new environments.

And if catfish weren’t scary enough.