Ricky Gervais Didn’t Show Up At The Golden Globes.

Like most things in life the more something is hyped up the greater chance of it being a bitter disappointment.

And so to Ricky Gervais and his much touted hosting duties at this year’s Golden Globes, following his performance last year which transformed the short comedian into a Hollywood version of Hitler, (see post below), this year turned out to be a damp squib. His jokes were tepid and mildly humourous. Judge for yourself.

Golden Globes 2011 Recap – Those Choice Gervais Moments.

We’re not massive fans of comedian Ricky Gervais, we do think he’s funny at times but certainly isn’t the chosen one who is single-handedly rewriting the rules of comedy for the modern age, as some of his ardent fans would have you believe.

That being said we’re looking forward to watching him host this year’s Golden Globes following his stint roasting everyone in the room in 2011. We thought we’d remind you of the controversy Gervais created last year when he ruffled a few Hollywood feathers. We can only hope he does more of the same this evening, but with a seven second delay enforced on the live transmission by NBC it’s looking doubtful.

A Fairytale Cop Series Called Grimm…Wait, What?

With Autumn, (or ‘The Fall‘ if you’re reading this across the pond), approaching fast there has been a deluge of announcements regarding new TV series coming to a small screen near you. But one which stood out from all the rest was NBC’s Grimm, for obvious reasons.

Detective Nick Burkhardt thought he was ready for the grim reality of working homicide in Portland, Oregon. That is, until he started to see things… things he couldn’t quite explain. Like a gorgeous woman suddenly transforming into a hideous hag, or an average Joe turning into a vicious troll. Then, after a panicked visit from his only living relative, Nick discovers the truth about his visions: he’s not like everyone else, he’s a descendant of an elite group of hunters known as “Grimms” who are charged with stopping the proliferation of supernatural creatures in the world. And so begins his new life journey – albeit a reluctant one at first – as he solves crimes with his partner who knows something about Nick has radically changed but can’t quite put his finger on it. Along the way, Nick finds himself unexpectedly getting help on some of the more difficult cases from Monroe, a guy who seems normal at first but is soon revealed to be what you might call a “big bad wolf.” Literally!

While the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales that children have adored for generations, imagine if the villains were real, and Nick was the only one who could stop them.

Oh yes they did! (via Warming Glow)