Michael Bay Trailer For Need For Speed: The Run.

The opening credit reads: ‘A trailer through the eyes of Michael Bay.’ WTF? Does this mean that while we’re watching this trailer we’re actually inside movie director Michael Bay’s head, watching the same trailer that he’s watching only he has no idea we’re watching the same trailer while we’re all crammed inside of his head? And cue sound effect.

This is in fact the commercial advert for the soon to be released game Need For Speed: The Run, where players have to race from San Francisco to New York to save their lives, or win a prize, or steal a kiss from a good looking girl or save Macaulay Culkin from a swarm of angry bees, who cares it’s just a driving game. You know if we hadn’t been informed before we saw this trailer that Michael Bay had directed it we would never have known…not even from stills like the ones below…never…nope…not in a million years…no way.