Netflix UK Is Taking A Critical Pounding On Facebook.

Like a lot of people we recently signed up to Netflix, the online movie and TV streaming service, when they launched in the UK  at the beginning of the year. Like most new starts there’s going to be a few obligatory bumps in the road, teething problems and critical response from your new client base. However, over the last few weeks Netflix’s Facebook page seems to be inundated with complaint after complaint and it’s always about the same two issues:

1. Content updates are too slow and new content is too old.

2. No queuing system or browse by date features on main website.

To be fair these are reasonable complaints for a service you’re paying for and although we do enjoy older movies we can understand why some people’s trousers are flying off across their rooms in rage when the likes of Bob The Butler, starring Tom Green and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, starring an 18 year-old Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt, are uploaded as ‘new‘ movies for you to enjoy. Also the fact you can’t easily check just what content has been updated and added to their service is a bit of a nightmare and unless Netflix implements a feature to solve this problem, it’s only going to get worse as their library of content expands. For us at least we’re quite happy with the service but not everyone shares the same opinion. Here are just a few examples of the barrage of critical comments recently uploaded onto Netflix’s official Facebook page:



Netflix Is Now Available In The UK.

If you happen to own a PS3, Xbox 360 or even a Nintendo Wii you might have noticed an unfamiliar addition to your dashboard, the Netflix streaming app, which allows you to watch movies instantly through your games console or PC.

Basically Netflix is like Lovefilm except for the fact that they don’t let you rent DVDs by post, instead you can watch them instantly through their streaming service on your TV or PC for as little as £5.99 a month. Like most new company start ups in this country your first month’s subscription is free so we jumped at the chance to try out their service. We could write an article reviewing exactly what kind of game changing elements Netflix are bringing to the table and that the days of renting DVDs may well and truly be a thing of the past, but our good friend Grahame Gallacher has already penned an in-depth article.

If you want to know exactly what Netflix are offering and how their service holds up against other established UK movie rental services then head over to Past The Pixels and read Grahame’s excellent online article.