Fox News & Their Hilarious Coverage Of The NOTW Hacking Scandal.

If for some inexplicable reason the zombie apocalypse became a reality, we can be pretty confident that the only news channel the undead would watch would be Fox News.

There is too much to laugh at in this brief three minute segment but it’s interesting that the big issue that every other news outlet is missing with this story is the epidemic of ‘hacking‘, which by Fox’s definition appears to be some sort of uncontrollable disease which no-one is ultimately accountable for. Why can’t people just leave poor Mr Murdoch alone, hasn’t he suffered enough?


Steve Coogan Rips Into NOTW Journo.

By now if you live in Britain and don’t know anything about the phone hacking scandal, the demise of Rupert Murdoch’s highly successful Sunday tabloid The News Of The World, or the corruption which has been exposed throughout the ranks of the Metropolitan police for selling information to NOTW journalists then congratulations because you must live in a cave on a beach, wear shoes fashioned from washed-up cardboard boxes and talk to your hand for company.

Every man and his dog have been wading in with opinion on this very serious, scandalous issue and following on from Hugh Grant’s appearance on BBC Question Time earlier in the week, actor Steve Coogan decided to ‘represent’ the celebrities who for years have been hounded by the tabloids, by appearing on Newsnight and letting rip towards sleazebag, gutter press, scum fuck former NOTW journo Peter McMullen…with the inclusion of a Partridgesque one-liner.