Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Briefs.

Stuff which what we found interestin'.



Nick Frost to star in salsa dancing comedy Cuban Fury – (The Hollywood News)

15 reasons why this guy is terrified of the New Samsung Galaxy phone – (Buzz Feed)

A treasure hunter is claiming he knows where Osama Bin Laden’s is and plans to bring his body back up from the seabed before election time – (The Week)

Samuel L Jackson gets into a Twitter dust-up with a movie critic over his review of The Avengers – (Film Drunk)


A collection of surreal alternative posters to promote the London Olympics – (Oli Kellett)

A man dressed as a penguin calling himself Prof Pongoo has won more votes than the Liberal Democrats in the council election in Edinburgh – (STV News)

Crazy Russian theme park ride – (One Cool Thing A Day)

Why you’ll probably never be able to delete your old Myspace account. Don’t deny it, you had one. – (Gawker)




Pegg & Frost Recreate Star Wars.

During the shoot for Paul, their latest film together, English comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost took some time out from work to embark upon their life long dream; to remake Star Wars: A New Hope, shot-for-shot.

Needless to say things didn’t go to plan. In fact one might say the force was weak within them. *(reels back in chair, mimes the firing of a gun at computer screen with hand)* Is it just us or is this two and a half minute video infinitly more entertaining than the entire three Star Wars prequels back to back? Thought so.

Pegg and Frost on Droids.

Avast! Attack The Block Trailer.

You may remember a while back we posted up this, which we believed to be a viral promo for an up and coming British film called Attack The Block. Still no confirmation on the origin of that video but the full length official trailer for the movie was released today and it doesn’t look too shabby.

The main plot is very simple; aliens crash land on a South London inner city housing scheme and the local hoodies and chavs take up arms against the invaders to defend their tower block and local community. Directed by Joe Cornish, he of Adam & Joe fame, the film stars a mix of professional child actors and unknown kids Joe found off the streets, it also features Nick Frost and Jodie Whittaker. The plot is being described by some film websites as Sean Of The Dead with aliens, (mainly down to the fact that the same production team is involved), but being a fan of Joe Cornish and his work throughout the years we’re guessing it’ll be a whole lot more than that. Attack The Block is released in the UK on May 13th.