Magneto Jnr.

A family in Serbia are claiming that their seven year-old son is naturally magnetic. Bogdon, who apparently can’t go near electrical devices because his magnetism turns them off, was shown on a news report by MSNBC demonstrating his unique ability. Cutlery, microphones, pots and a TV remote were all stuck to the boy’s body much to the kid’s delight.

The only way this story could get any better would be if Bogdon revealed his best friend was a paraplegic boy called Charles who was telepathic.

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Avast! Filly Racing…In Bikinis

The Gold Coast Turf Club in Queensland, Australia is under heavy criticism after confirming that a special race will go ahead as planned where the horses will be replaced by scantily clad women.¬† The Bikini Track sprint will be held in December and feature 150 female competitors who will run around the track for prize money totalling $5,000 Australian dollars. Many people see this type of event as degrading to women and although that argument may hold validity nobody is actively forcing these women to take part. Although after watching the video above there is a slightly unsettling tone about the race¬† which was held in the American horse track Hollywood Park, California. Got to feel sorry for Blazin’ Blondie.