Operation Repo Is As Authentic As WWE.

We’ve never heard of this programme before, let alone viewed an entire episode of Operation Repo but now that we’ve watched the homoerotic carnage above we’ve become instant fans.

The level of authenticity portrayed in this scene puts Martin Scorsese to shame as our hero, Matt Burch, lays waste to not one but three scantily clad male opponents while wearing dungarees and sunglasses. Of course Operation Repo isn’t supposed to be real as it:

… consists of what are purported to be actual stories from repossession incidents; however, the show depicts scripted and dramatized re-enactments in which the cast recreates incidents using actors and staged action footage. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the show which says: “The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real events.

Here’s an idea, instead of wasting time and footage and employing the worst extras you could find, to recreate past confrontations and incidents which were never originally caught on camera why not go out and genuinely repossess cars, that way you can record authentic drama and lay claim to the mantle ‘reality television series‘. Just a thought.