8 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Didn’t Kill That Caribou.

As the world's smallest camera takes a shot inside Sarah Palin's rifle sights, we see her prey clearly - the great Alaskan CGI caribou.

Here’s footage, (see below), of the Antichrist ex-Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin shooting and killing a caribou on her very own ‘reality tv’ show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska. After watching this farce we’re betting our entire vessel that Palin didn’t kill that caribou and here is a list of eight simple reasons why:

1. Sarah Palin has no clue how to hold, let alone use, a rifle as clearly demonstrated in the opening seconds of this clip.

2. She squeezes off an initial shot which misses, yet somehow the caribou remains completely unfazed and continues to trot along the hillside, distracted only by thoughts of munching on delicious moss.

3. Frustrated at missing Sarah then sits upright on her knees to take a second rifle from her father, giving the remarkably calm, (and now clearly blind), caribou a clear view of her and her other two hunting companions, who are now collectively moving and shuffling around in the heath like children with ADHD .

4. She was about to fire a rifle by sitting on her knees after being told three times thatĀ  “it kicks”, before finally being told to ‘put the gun down’.

5. Amazingly the caribou stops and faces the trio and the camera crew face on.

6. The ‘miracle’ shot. We see the caribou through the rifle sights of Palin’s gun. Really? How did the crew get a camera shot at the exact moment the caribou comes into the bitch’s sights? (Answer below).

7. The Caribou isn’t real it’s a computer generated image, probably rendered in a TV studio during post production. (See pic above)

8. Sarah Palin is a f@cking compulsive liar.

What’s even more amazing to us here at HMS Friday isn’t the fact she quotes that infamous philosopher Ted Nugent, but that the multi-millionaire continues to preach about how ordinary Alaskans, like her, need to hunt asĀ  its a necessity so they can eat. Yet somehow she doesn’t see the irony in charging in excess of $100,000 to appear at a public event

If you think the footage of an overpaid, over privileged white bitch shooting and killing defenceless animals is offensive then you’re going to just love reading all about her expanded Wolf Kill Program.