The ‘Succulent Chinese Meal’ Guy Is Still Alive.

There are many great and epic public meltdown videos on the internet, but one which stands head and shoulders above the rest was filmed in Australia in the 80s. It’s of the arrest of Paul Charles Dozsa who had tried to dodge paying for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.

The video is famous largely due to Dozsa’s booming voice and relative calmness at being manhandled by cops. As they try to bundle him into their patrol car Dozsa shouts: ‘What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?’

The video has been bouncing around the internet for the better part of two decades and it was largely assumed that Dozsa was no longer alive, but thanks to SportsBet Australia, who tracked the man down, we can all rejoice in the fact that the famous ‘succulent Chinese meal’ guy is alive and well and living in Brisbane.

Just don’t touch his limp penis!

A Most Eloquent Arrest.

The old news clip above of a man being arrested outside an Australian restaurant is currently sweeping through Facebook, on account of the hilarious manner in which he is apprehended.

Apparently the offender in the clip, being surrounded by coppers, was none other than former chef and Australian Over 60 Chess Champion, Paul Charles Dozsa, a man who took great pride in dining in the finest restaurants before dodging the bill. He had over 50 convictions for failing to pay for meals and often found himself behind bars for short stretches of time.

Unfortunately this eloquent chap sadly passed away in 2003 but his hilarious arrest lives on forever.