The New Pornographers Latest Music Vid Is Special.

This latest breezy little ditty from indie group The New Pornographers features a whole cast of funny people including Bill Hader, (nice Radio Clyde t-shirt), Paul Rudd, Don Glover, John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac, Kevin Corrigan, (DiCaprio’s drug dealing cousin in The Departed) and The Daily Show’s John Oliver. The video is a parody concept charting the rise and fall of your atypical rock band including cocaine on a slice of pizza. Ah, the good old days. (via badassdigest)

Rudd and Hader have really let themselves go.

Paul Rudd Played Nintendo In A Trenchcoat.

Actor Paul Rudd, (he of Knocked Up, Anchorman and I Love You Man fame), owned a trenchcoat back in the early nineties and liked nothing better than toear w it while grappling with the raw, savage power of Super Nintendo…outside in a damp, abandoned drive-in, with a crowd watching. Didn’t we all back then?  (via Topless Robot)