The Paul Walker Conspiracy Is A Conspiracy Too Far

I’m a sucker for a conspiracy theory. Some of them I believe and some of them I don’t. I usually focus my attention on just one theory for a while until I’ve totally exhausted myself with it, (and my wife’s ears). Recently I’ve been devouring all the disturbing information surrounding the Jimmy Savile scandal and the possible links it may have with another ongoing story and scandal, that of the Elm Guest House. But I digress.

Along with pretty much everyone else who closely follows pop culture I was shocked and saddened to hear about the untimely demise of Hollywood actor Paul Walker on Sunday morning. A young talented man cut down in his prime by way of a tragic car accident which also claimed the life of Rodger Rodas, a former racing driver. As per usual the hungry 24 hour news machine cannot run on dead end facts and when a story involves such tragedy and a high profile figure the story must run and run until it’s legs cannot run any further. Not content with reporting this as a mere accident the media are starting to pursue a line of suggestion that Walker and Rodas were involved in an illegal street race at the time of the their crash, even though investigating authorities have ruled that theory out.

Now it seems there was a whole darker, much more sinister reason for Walker’s death which involves exposing a conspiracy related to Typhoon Haiyan, according to certain uninhabitable corners of the Internet. Watch the video above, by Prison Planet Live¬†which eloquently debunks this conspiracy theory and explains why this type of ridiculous hysteria is more harmful and damaging to other incidents which truly merit close scrutiny and questioning.

Avast! Trailer For Mission In-Frickin-Sanity.

Go! Go! Go! Here’s the trailer for the fifth installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise creatively entitled Fast Five. Fans will be pleased to know that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker continue¬† their homoerotic bromance for each other but this time they’re off to the slums of Rio, where no doubt vacuum sealed t-shirts will be soaked through with sweat as they’re pursued by none other than The Rock himself. Actually the prospect of both Diesel and Johnson sharing screen time together could lead to a rip in the space time continuum due to the overload of testosterone and facial grimacing. This shit just got real!

I'll think you'll find my shirt is the tightest.