Ke$ha’s New Video Is A Satanic/Occult/Illuminati Mash Up.

The above video is for Ke$ha’s new single Die Young. There’s the standard grinding and flashing of flesh throughout but it’s ¬†apparent that the 25 year-old singer is ramping up the edginess with the inclusion of occult symbology throughout the video.

The singer recently explained what the video was about during an interview:

“Well it’s about me being a cult leader at the end of the world, and everybody else is kind of being scared and hiding.”

Now there’s a high brow explanation for you. Check out the pentagram in the church where they’re obviously engaging in an orgy, after she’s been lifted out the back of a hearse. And then we have the standrad satanic representation of the wolf and flashing subliminal illuminati symbology not to mention the shameless Windows phone product placement, cos you know, if you’re in a satanic cult you just got to have a smart phone.

Got to give credit where credit’s due whoever made this video certainly knows their shit and also how to put the entire tin foil hat wearing community into a right old tizzy.

Just check out some of the comments posted on YouTube:

another mason…yaaaay

these illuminati stuff has gone mainstream…


Fucking Illuminati BULLSHIT ! PEOPLE , WAKE UP ! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT ! DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! It’s controlling you! Just Google Illuminati And See What The Fuck They’re Doing To The World! P.S- FUCK YOU KESHA!

Look, I don’t mind the Illuminati, bu that was way too many symbols.

I usually don’t agree with the illuminati comments and think they’re stupid, but now I actually agree. There way too many symbols in this video. o_o Almost as if she wanted them there on purpose. The hell happened to you, Ke$ha?

This isn’t illiminati, it’s straight up evil. I’m sad Ke$ha.

I swear I’m gonna punch the next mothafaka that mentions the word illuminati! You are not fucking cool. Stop fucking using that word goddamnit!

The most upsetting aspect of this song and video was in fact missed by everyone, during their combined Illuminati meltdown:

“That magic in your pants is making me blush!”

UPDATE:¬†And if her less than subtle Satanic/Illuminati video wasn’t bad enough check out her recent High Priestess, all seeing eye, Mayan tribal performance during Australia’s X Factor. All together now: ‘We’re going to die young’.


Beyonce May Be A Thief.

Shocking isn’t it? The singer who has been described as ‘original’ and ‘unique’, (others may describe her as ‘manufactured‘, ‘untalented‘ and ‘over-hyped‘), may in fact be guilty of plagiarising other people’s work and creativity to benefit her over paid career.

Her new music video for her song Countdown has been criticised for being almost exactly like the movies of Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. See for yourself in the video above.

Obviously this isn’t the first time an ‘artist’ has been caught pinching other folk’s intellectual property and it certainly won’t be the last, but that doesn’t make it right. Jesus, with all the resources, money and people behind this woman was this the best they could come up with? Oh wait, they’re calling it an ‘homage‘, panic over, no crime committed here.

We’re off now to ‘homage‘ our local bank!


Miley Cyrus Is Now An Official Pop Skank.

Well there you have it pop star Miley Cyrus has gone and taken the obvious and predictable next step in her singing career and slutted the bejesus out of her traditional Disney-esque clean-cut image.

But who is really that surprised? Britters, X-Tina, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson even Kylie Minogue all turned themselves into scantily clad skank beasts in the hope of selling more records and pocketing even more cash.

Here’s looking forward to her first rehab visit, public mental breakdown, leaked sex tape and obligatory come back all before she hits 25. (via Egotastic)