Capcom Opened A Human Butchery.

Games developer Capcom launched a rather clever PR stunt over the weekend to promote the release of Resident Evil 6 by setting up a human butcher’s shop in Smithfield Meat Market, East London.

Entitled Wesker & Son the fake business premises played host to human hands, feet, arms, torsos, legs and even a full cadaver all made out of actual meat for people to buy. If you wanted a human hand it would’ve cost you £5.99, while feet were £6.00 and thigh steaks were £2.99. All the money made from the faux human meat sales went to the Limbless Association, a UK charity which helps those with limb loss, and assist their families and carers.

Of course not everyone managed to appreciate the wit or the ambition of this PR stunt and as usual the readers of the Daily Mail online took to  their keyboards. Here’s a few examples of the best comments which were posted, complete with original spelling mistakes:

‘I despair of this country. How was this allowed? By the way I love the way saddos have given themselves the title ‘Gamers’ as if it is a valuable activity – You are adults wasting your time PLAYING games.’

‘Yay a practical use for chavs and trade unionists is found at last, Turn em into soylent green its the only time they will be useful in their lives.’

‘Why was the ‘body female? Why not male. The word ‘depraved’ comes to mind. I wonder how many already damaged minds will think this appropriate and even fun. And how many small animals will suffer as the sickos get in some practice.’

‘No wonder the world is a sick as it is and that people turn into monsters seeing this sort of rubbish to promote what is a sickening game,these sort of games should be banned, it gives the young of today crazy ideas……’

‘I can not believe how low people are becoming , and why should we accept this kind of behavior this is not funny and surely one nut is enough to go do some stupid act of copying this and then suddenly we will be having an apademic .’

‘Discussing. How would you explain that to a terrified child!!’

(via Picky Glutton)