There Is Now A Prince Harry Video.

Various websites including Gawker are today reporting that a video featuring footage of Prince Harry cavorting around a Las Vegas hotel room naked with women does exist and is currently being shopped around, although whoever has the video is doing this discreetly. So discreetly in fact that the whole of the Internet now knows.

According to Radar Online:

“There is video of Harry partying naked with women in the Las Vegas hotel room,” a source familiar with the situation said. “There have been some very quiet inquiries to see how much the video is worth. The content shown on the video is far from tame, according to the source who says: “A lot went on in that hotel room that night, that much is for sure.”

One can just imagine the Queen’s reaction to this news and the possibility that the world could now see Harry’s Royal Red Snapper in all it’s live-action glory.

Queen lets out a deep sigh hunched over her Royal computer.

Prince Phillip, (to Queen): What’s wrong Darling?

Queen swivels round from her computer desk.

Queen: Shit just got real Phillip. Shit just got real!


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