Every Knuckle Sandwich In Roadhouse.

Wowzer! Right in the kissa’.

Thanks to the creative minds over at Red Letter Media here’s a short compilation video of every punch to the face from the cult classic movie Roadhouse. Does anyone else get a little sad at the thought that Patrick Swayze and Ben Gazzara are both now brawling in the big house in the sky?

Happy Star Wars Day.

Yes it’s pathetic, we know, but today is indeed Star Wars Day an unofficial holiday organised by rabid fans of the movie franchise.

Why today? Well because it is the fourth and as every self respecting virgin fan will tell you: ‘May the fourth be with you.’ See what they did there? That play on words actually has more smarts than the entire three Star Wars prequels.

In honour of such an auspicious occasion we’ve decided to post up what we consider to be the greatest and most in-depth analysis review of The Phantom Menace. This satirical critique which holds no punches thanks to it’s unique and rather dark blend of humour throughout, was created by Red Letter Media and compiled by a seriously disturbed character known as Plinkett. Some people argue that if it wasn’t for the collective movie car crash that was the Star Wars prequels the world would have been denied these hilarious reviews. We have to agree.

If you enjoyed the Phantom Menace analysis below and would like to see the ones for Episode II and III then chart a course for HERE.
Part One

Part Two