Actor Richard Dreyfuss Tearfully Remembers Robert Shaw.

The massively talented actor Richard Dreyfuss was recently in Ireland doing the rounds on the various media outlets promoting his new movie Cas & Dylanwhen backstage at The Late Late Show he was introduced to a 14 year-old girl who happened to be the great granddaughter of Robert Shaw.

As most of you will be aware Dreyfuss and Shaw starred together, (along with Roy Schieder), in the seminal classic movie Jaws. As this video clip demonstrates Dreyfuss, now the last surviving main cast member of that movie, still feels a lot of emotion for his late friend.

That Awkward Interview With The Bloke From Jaws.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the only interesting characters sliding around Hollywood these days are the older fellas.

Just to emphasise this point watch the rather awkward red carpet interview above, given by a three-sheets-to-the-wind Richard Dreyfuss, (Jaws, Close Encounter Of The Third Kind), to an unfortunate man in a tux with a microphone. Apart from not really giving a complete f@ck about the Oscars himself, he manages to turn a seemingly ordinary chit-chat into some highly politicised public service announcement. Who would have thought the global revolution would begin on a red carpet in Beverley Hills?

Interesting sidenote: Last year Dreyfuss was made a Master Mason by the Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia and he also suffers from bi-polar disorder. (via Film Drunk)