Dead Alien Found In Siberia.

Before you completely discount this story with a wave of your hand and a flap of your handkerchief at least watch the video above because if this is a con job it will probably go down in Internet history as one of the greatest.

The level of detail that has gone into creating a dead alien, (if this video is indeed a fake), is on a different level, from colouring to texture, to attention to detail it has it all. In fact the confidence in the work is shown as the camera shows no fear in giving the viewer an extreme close-up of the proposed corpse.

All of this is good and well if this is a staged paractical joke but for many people online this video is genuine and has a backstory to confirm it’s authenticity. Michael Cohen from website reported on this strange video. In his article he wrote:

‘Around one month ago this publication reported on a major UFO event that occurred in the region of Irkutsk in Russia’s Siberia. Hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, hurtle towards Earth before loudly impacting the ground in a wooded area . The event received widespread coverage in Russia and was reported by Inter-fax, Russia’s government news agency (See article here). In the West the event was completely ignored if not deliberately kept from public view.
An enormous team of government officials, including military personal, secret service agents and science ministry officials made their was to the UFO crash site within hours of the event occurring.
Now it seems a video has been leaked onto the Internet showing a dead Alien (see video below), found in the Republic of Buryatia, not far from the site of the UFO crash. Is the alien seen in this video a survivor of that crash who managed to leave the area only to die as a result of Russia’s harsh conditions?’

Get your bath filled now! (via All News Web)