Jackass 4 Trailer Is Full Of Chaos.

In October this year audiences will get to watch a group of quadragenarians knock themselves unconscious, fire themselves out of cannons and lose their teeth as the Jackass crew re-assemble one last time for Jackass Forever.

As demonstrated in the trailer below it looks like more of the same from the original Knoxville gang with the exception of Ryan Dunn who was tragically killed in 2011, Bam Margera who was fired from the production earlier this year and comedian Rip Taylor who died in 2019.

The biggest question on everyone’s lips right now is what exactly is Johnny Knoxville made of. Kevlar?

Jackass Forever is released on October 22nd.

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Killed In Car Crash.

He was 34 years old, he was famous for inserting a toy car up his anus and he was killed yesterday when his Porsche left the road in Pennsylvania, hit a tree and burst into a ball of flames.

So severe was the accident that Dunn was only identified by his hair and tattoos, a passenger travelling with him was also killed but authorities so far have been unable to identify the body.

The Internet has been rife with speculation over Dunn’s death and celebrity website TMZ are reporting that the Jackass star had at least six drinks before getting behind the wheel of his Porsche, following a picture Dunn himself posted up on Twitter posing with a can of beer only hours before the crash  A toxicology test is to be carried out with results released later.

In the meantime a handful of celebrities have been pretty vocal about the fact Dunn may have been drunk and after American movie critic Roger Ebert tweeted: “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive,” fellow Jackass star and long time friend Bam Margera responded with the following:

About as subtle as a toy car being inserted into one’s anus.