Leaked Deadpool Test Footage – Get It While It’s Hot.

Here’s leaked test footage for the Deadpool movie which will probably be taken down before long, so watch it while you can. It was shot back in 2012 by director Tim Miller, and featured Ryan Reynolds as the ‘merc with a mouth‘. So far the project seems to be languishing in development hell with no word on any progress to begin shooting.

It’s understood that due to the violent nature of the Deadpool comics the movie would be filmed on a low budget to retain it’s R rating. Obviously Hollywood execs don’t think there’s the appetite out here for a Deadpool movie but judging the Internet’s reaction over this test footage they might want to do a bit of rethinking.

(via Ryan H)


Avast! Trailer For Safe House.

The CIA must be a really shit place to work, just look at the amount of agents there who go ‘rogue‘. Sort it out CIA. Jesus you’re like the McDonald’s of the intelligence world.

That said it’s still a pretty sexy occupation filled with guns, scantily clad women, huge explosions, more guns, some parkour, nifty computer tricks, martial arts and scantily clad women.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Brendan Gleeson and Sam Shepard, to name but a few, Safe House details the difficult task which a CIA safe house sitter, (Reynolds), has in moving and protecting his guest, (Washington), to a safer and secure location away from all the bad guys with guns. Couldn’t be simpler. Think of it like a Bournesque 16 Blocks, or a less funny Midnight Run.

Yeah, what kind of safe house is that exactly when the doors are blown off the hinges and heavily armed men enter shooting up the place? Sort it out CIA. Jeeez!

Avast! Trailer For The Change Up.

Damn you Reynolds and Bateman! Damn you to hell!

We were gearing up to put the Doc Martin lace ups into this movie in rapid succession…but we just can’t do it. Yes it looks as formulaic as every other switcheroo genre movie out there but it’s the comedic timing and talent of Reynolds and Bateman that save it.

The Change Up is directed by David Dobkin, (Wedding Crashers) and written by The Hangover duo of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and tells the story of two friends one a promiscuous single man the other a boring father and loving husband, who somehow transport themselves into each other’s bodies after taking a whizz in a magical fountain.

Think Freaky Friday but with hairy ballsacks.

Four Minutes Of The Green Lantern.

Last week Internet users were given the opportunity to watch the first six minutes of Zack Snyder’s new film Sucker Punch. Cynical critics might argue that this move was to counteract all the negative and rather poor reviews the movie received on opening weekend.

In a similar move, but one well before it’s release date, Warner Brother’s have posted up four minutes of exclusive footage from their new superhero movie The Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds. Apparently its an abridged version of ten minutes of footage which was recently screened at Wonder Con.

We still think it looks like a live-action episode of Ben 10.

Avast! Green Lantern Trailer Leaked!

Here’s a first look at director Martin Campbell’s take on the super hero Green Lantern. It stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, a fighter pilot, who encounters an alien who passes Hal a special ring which grants him superpowers and a cheesy CGI super hero costume, with bulges in all the right places.

Look at the size of that boy's heed! It's like an orange on a toothpick.

Now watch the video below. A trailer edited together by an avid fan of The Green Lantern over a year ago with Nathan Fillion in the lead role with spliced together sequences from a host of films. Is it just us or is the tone of this trailer a hundred times better than that of Martin Campbell’s film? Don’t pretend you couldn’t really care because the day this world stops caring about men in tight fitting spandex is the day the world will stop spinning.