Saudi Trick Driving Is Insane!

In Saudi Arabia right now the in-thing for many young and filthy rich men is trick driving. Performing high speed stunts in expensive high powered cars on public motorways, with scant regard for the safety of others as this mesmerising ten minute video above demonstrates.

As you’ll see in the first two minutes alone the speeding car drifts and spins in front of a school bus and then a petrol tanker. And if driving like a Hollywood stuntman in public wasn’t insane and dangerous enough they get their equally deranged passengers to fire assault rifles out of the windows, because no car stunt would be complete without the presence of live ammunition.

Another ‘craze’ young Saudi men seem to be obsessed with is ‘Road Skating’, where passengers hang from moving vehicles and skate along the road with not even a single knee-pad in sight. You know if we were betting men…

(via I Heart Chaos)