Scientists To Drill To Earth’s Mantle.

Well this sounds perfectly safe, doesn’t it kids? Not content with cloning sheep, grafting human body parts onto laboratory mice or creating an energy particle accelerator which could open up a whole new dimension filled with four headed demons on crab like legs, those special guys in white overcoats have gone a step further and announced that by 2020 they could reach the earth’s mantle.

That’s right those wacky nerds are getting furiously pumped over the possibility of drilling a hole through the sea bed to reach Earth’s mantle in the next ten years.

By extracting samples of the mantle, which is nearly 3,000 km thick and contains roughly 68% of the planet’s mass, researchers hope to unearth valuable information about its composition that could yield clues about the evolution of the planet. It could also contribute to our understanding of how the ocean crust is formed, the nature of the crust-mantle boundary and the limits of microbial life under the Earth’s surface.’

You know we’re no experts on these matters, (grog, rum, wooden prosthetics, inflatable parrots are our areas of expertise), but if something takes you ten years to reach simply because it is buried so deep under rock with an entire ocean on top of it then you can be pretty sure you were never meant to reach it. You can read more about this latest attempt to destroy human civilisation and end the planet fantastic scientific endeavour HERE.