Terriers Theme Tune.

We’re only now discovering the delights of the short lived detective series Terriers which was produced Shawn Ryan, who created The Shield.

The fact that this highly enjoyable series set on Ocean Beach, California, about an ex-cop who’s a recovering alcoholic and his private investigating partner who’s an ex-criminal, only last 13 episodes before it was canned is a crime in itself.

At least we can still enjoy the show’s catchy theme tune, Gunfight Epiphany sung by Rob Duncan. This show gets cancelled yet Desperate Housewives is in it’s eighth season?

The Creator Of The Shield Needs Real Men.

No it’s not what you think.

Shawn Ryan, the writer and creator of possibly the second greatest police/crime drama series ever made for television was asked by website C21 Media if he had a million dollars what would he invest in.

His answer was to fund a national search for real men to teach them how to act and mold them into powerful TV stars. In his own words:

‘It’s really hard to find some solid male TV stars these days.’

You can watch the short interview video by charting a course for HERE. Hey Shawn, if you happen to ever read this flimsy article we just want you to know that we are pirates and Scottish and can be reached by email; hmsfriday@gmail.com.

(via C21 Media)

RIP The Chicago Code.

If you managed to catch the first episode of Sky One’s latest US police procedural drama The Chicago Code last night, then you wasted your sweet, sweet time.

Turns out Shawn Ryan, who’s previous series The Shield was a massive success, yesterday used Twitter to inform fans of the unfortunate news that Fox producers have pulled the plug on his show. The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed that:

Shawn Ryan’s freshman police drama The Chicago Code with Jason Clarke, Jennifer Beals and Matt Lauria is done. This is The Shield creator’s second cancellation this season; the first came with FX’s Terriers, which was not renewed for a second season. The showrunner reacted on Twitter, “Fox suits loved the show, but have a business to run.”

So there you go, it’s entirely up to you if you want continue watching this doomed series which is currently airing on Sky One on Thursdays at 9pm.