Amazing Short Film – Stanley Kubrick’s The Chickening.

Here’s the critically acclaimed short film The Chickening which, due to it’s highly successful debut at last year’s Fantastic Fest, is now available to all, thanks to YouTube.

The Chickening is a ‘classic film remix’ from the warped mind of Nick DeBoer which you can watch in it’s full surreal, f**ked up glory above.



Tim Minchin’s Beat Poem Gets Animated.

This wonderful animated short, based on Australian comedian Tim Minchin’s beat poem Storm, was created by artist DC Turner, which took two and half years to complete. It’s simply about a clash of personalities during a dinner party between Minchin and a female hippie and is also further proof that anything Minchin writes or recites is golden.


Blinky: A Short Film.

A while back we posted up ten movie trailers for films which we were looking forward to this year. Among them was a trailer for a film called Blinky starring Max Records, (Where The Wild Things Are). As ambiguous as the trailer was you could still determine the plot was set in the not too distant future about a helpful household robot who becomes friends with his young owner, before things inevitably go pear shaped.

Much to our dismay it turns out the trailer was for a short 12 minute film and not a full length feature. Blinky was directed by Irish film maker Ruairi Robinson, who was up until recently penned in to direct the live action movie of  Japanese manga classic Akira. The project has since been cancelled.

The rain! My eyes! These goggles, they do nothing!

Avast! Short Film: Three Minutes.

In the future Earth is a large stone mason's yard.

The person responsible for this excellent low budget short film, which depicts a gladiatorial arena in which combatants have three minutes to off each other, is video director Ross Ching and you can view more of his work on his Vimeo page. The one thing which sets this short apart from the rest are the light sabre special effects with shadows and reflections included. Take a look for yourself…that is unless the force is weak within you.

3 Minutes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.