Two More Mystery Holes Found In Siberia.

hole 3

With all the chaos and madness currently happening around the world there’s one story which doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, a story which has left geologists and scientists around the globe scratching their heads in puzzlement.

Last week we featured a story about the discovery of a large hole in Siberia, Russia, in an area known as ‘the end of the world.‘ Now it seems the mystery has widened as two more similar gigantic craters have been found, the first was discovered near the village of Antipayuta in the Taz district of Siberia with a diameter of 50 feet and it’s located a few hundred miles away from the first one.

Locals have given mixed accounts of the origins of the hole with some saying that the area was covered with smoke followed by a bright flash while other villagers, (probably drunk ones), have claimed that a ‘celestial body fell there.’ The second hole was found by herders near the village of Nosok, in the Krasnoyarsk region and looks similar to the other two.

The most alarming aspect of this story is that so far experts have been unable to offer up an explanation of their origins, only that they’ve ruled out that they’re man-made.


Is This A Wolly Mammoth In Siberia?

Details about this video are sketchy at best but that’s more to do with the reporting of the story which was featured in The Sun.

In the article it’s claimed that the footage was shot last summer by an engineer working in the┬áChukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia. Apparently after he filmed the beast he also managed to collect a sample of it’s hair and somehow these have matched up with those that were found when Mammoth remains were recovered from the ice in Russia recently. The article for some bizarre reason then interviews a paranormal investigator to cast his judgement on the video. Why didn’t they contact a Zoologist?

Of course like every video with an unexplained nature there have been legions of sceptics who claim the video merely shows a bear with a fish in it’s mouth. If that’s the case then that’s one big bear with an even bigger fish!

(via The Sun)