Siri Doesn’t Understand Scottish Accents.

Technology is a wonderful thing, that is unless you happen to be Scottish, (which we are by the way, you got a problem wae that, eh? eh?), and an iPhone user.

Turns out Apple’s latest product is proving to be a right pain in the hoop for users in Scotland who are failing to reap the benefits of Siri, a personal assistant application exclusively used on the iPhone 4S, simply because it doesn’t understand Scottish accents.

As the video above demonstrates something is lost in translation between the user and the voice activated software, even when the user slows speech down and accentuates clearly. Granted James McDonald, the UI/UX designer from Scotland, who’s featured in the video does have a slightly thick accent but then so do Welsh, Irish and certain Northern English users too. We’ll just have to wait and find out how competent Siri is dealing with those dialects.

Looks like Scottish comedians Iain Connell and Robert Florence were way ahead of their time.