The New Apple iSwiss Knife.

There’s a growing source of irritation aboard HMS Friday recently and it’s all down to those arsing Apple iPhones. They swan about the place like a shiny head boy with a bright eye catching blazer, adorned with special achievement badges and although you can’t help but admire their style a small part of you wants to jam your f@cking thumb in their eye. You could write what the i-Phone can’t do on Adita ‘Romeo’ Dev’s underpants. But now that they’ve dazzled us with their technological abilities these ‘smart’ phones are venturing out into other areas, practical areas and this is where we have to draw the line.

Instead of downloading useful apps for your phone you can now actually physically attach applications to your phone, like this bottle opener which can also open cans…please make this madness stop? The opener, of course, comes with a down loadable app which will keep count of how many bottles and cans you’ve opened and allow you to play music or customised sounds every time you use the opener. It’s our humble opinion that the only sound sample you should hear before you even think about buying this gizmo is this.