Ref Cam Shows Amatuer Footy Match Descend Into Chaos.

The video above was filmed by an amatuer football referee who strapped a camera to his chest and filmed the game he was reffing. Following a particulalry nasty tackle the match quickly descends into chaos when a spectator runs onto the field of play and throws some punches.

As a person who has played rugby most of my life all I will say in relation to this video is that football, (soccer), is a gentleman’s sport played by thugs where rugby is a thug’s sport played by gentlemen.

Who would honestly be a football referee?

Is This A Ghost Running Across Bolivia Stadium?

Here’s a video of what many are claiming is a ghost running across Bolivia Stadium, through fans without interruption, during a football match.

According to various sources the stadium is supposed to be haunted, with some Venezuelans believing the ‘ghost’ of their deceased President Hugo Chavez was responsible for saving an otherwise certain goal during an international match against Colombia.

Sounds legit.