George Lucas Can’t Leave Star Wars Alone!

Step away George! Put it down and walk away! Further than that. No, just shut the door.

It seems that director George Lucas cannot leave the Star Wars films alone, like a hyperactive child who discovers a small tear in some wallpaper, he finds a compulsive need to rip the whole thing off. Speaking of rip offs, (see what we did there?), the latest forthcoming release of the special Blu-Ray edition of Star Wars: The Complete Saga takes the tally of varied versions of the films up to 384.*

But this latest effort to evacuate your wallet by Lucas comes with some changes to the original material, most noticably the scene above which replaces the tension filled silence by Darth Vader as he contemplates his actions before picking up The Emperor and throwing him to his death to save his son in Return Of The Jedi, with a cheesy scream of ‘Noooooooo!’ Michael Bay will be proud.

Then there’s the alteration to the infamous and iconic sound of the sand people, (below), in Star Wars: A New Hope, which has been tinkered around with so that they sound like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. No word yet if all the laser guns have been replaced with CGI walkie-talkies.

*figure may have been entirely made up.