Scots Lass Gives Honest Reaction To Train Ticket Price Hike.

Yesterday’s news that train tickets in the UK are to rise by 3.2% by 2015 came as a shock to most people, who already pay through the nose for a less than reliable service.

Taking to the streets to gauge public opinion on the price increase, this journalist for STV News ended up with one of the single most honest reactions he could have hoped for.

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UFOs Caught on Camera In Scotland.

For the two of you who read this website regularly you’ll know we have more than a passing interest in unexplained phenomenon; UFOs, Yetis, the paranormal, Kim Kardashian.

This footage is more exciting than most as it was shot in our own home country of Scotland and the UFOs were accidentally filmed by a dashboard mounted camera on a mountain rescue vehicle during a blizzard.

(via STV News)

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Grand Theft Walrus

Glasgow ‘Occupy’ Protesters Are Costing City Council £45 A Day.

So, so much has been written in newspapers and Internet blogs recently about the ‘Occupy’ protesters around the globe and the problems and hassles they’re causing. If opinionated journalists aren’t wading in with a full character assassination on the way they look and smell then right-wing fuckwits who doodle graphic novelists are suggesting they be exported out to the front lines.

Of course the one constant here is the complete failure to understand the reason(s) the protesters are demonstrating, there’s been virtually no in-depth examination or reports from the mainstream media and here’s another fine example, this time from an STV news item claiming that the Glasgow branch of the ‘Occupy’ movement is costing the city’s council a whopping £45 a day.

In response to a request from councillors, Robert Booth, executive director of land and services, revealed that the set-up cost of the camp, including providing fencing, toilets, lighting and a water supply, ran to £1800. Weekly running costs are expected to amount to £160, bringing the total over three months to £4040 – an average of nearly £45 a day.

Shouldn’t really be any bother to the Labour run Glasgow city council, £45 a day is mere couch change when you consider that they’ve just forked out a ‘golden goodbye‘ to the chief executive of City Building Glasgow, Willie Docherty who’s set to fill his bank balance with a pawltry extra £615,000 and let’s not forget that Glasgow city council along with Scotland’s other 31 local authorities have in the past two years paid out £65m in severence pay.

Two years…£65m…that’s £32.5m a year…which is £2.7m a month…which is £675,000 a week…which comes to £96,000 a day! Ninety six thousand pounds a day over the last two years for golden handshakes and golden goodbyes to overpaid arseholes who have exploited the public purse for their own financial ends. (BTW even at it’s most average total Glasgow city council alone have forked out around £3,000 a day in the last two years).

Aye, but see they smelly, jobless, hippies camping oot in Kelvingrove Park they’re costing Glasgae council £45 a day, the bastards!

(via STV News)

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