Hell’s Club Is Where All Your Favourite Movie Characters Go To Dance.

Last year a mash-up video artist called Antonio Maria Da Silva made a ten minute short called Hell’s Club, (see below), which featured a vast array of movie characters all interacting with each other in the same nightclub. It was a technical feat of editing and video manipulation.

This year Antonio has pushed his creative talents even further with a follow-up entitled Hell’s Club Part Two: Another NIght which is double the length and twice the fun. This is why I love the Internet so much.

‘Let Her Go’ – The Supercut.

Thanks to Huffington Entertainment here’s a four and a half minute long montage of actors and actresses uttering the line ‘Let her go‘, throughout movie history.

Yes, it’s another movie cliche which has been employed for decades which we choose to ignore becasue we’re too busy rooting for the hero.