Crazy Taiwanese Animated News Report On Scottish Independence Row.

Over the last few days in the UK much has been said and written about the forthcoming independence referendum in Scotland…and most of it has been utter horseshit.

So keeping with that theme here’s NMA.TV’s, (the online Taiwanese alternative news source), obscure, surreal and downright mental take on the whole issue complete with a headbutting Susan Boyle, Rab C Nesbitt, Groundskeeper Willy and Scotty from Star Trek. If only all news could be reported in this way.


That Brutal Tracey Ullman/Susan Boyle Sketch

We’ve not seen this video before, which was basically a good thing.

Comedienne, (although that’s debatable), Tracy Ullman, who has obviously studied at the Dick Van Dyke School of Accents, puts the boot into singer Susan Boyle in a sketch where she not only underlines every Scottish stereotype from Harry Lauder’s book of How To Use Staid Scottish Stereotypes For Cheap Laughs, (‘a braw bricht moonlicht nicht‘…are you f@cking serious?), but she also rips the piss out of Boyle’s fragile mental state. Because nothing is funnier than picking on that one person with mental health issues.

Our gripe isn’t really that the material and objective of this sketch is offensive it’s just really not funny…really painfully unfunny….f@cking awful in fact.

Ho Tracey! The 1920's called, they want their jokes back!

Susan Boyle Covers Depeche Mode

We really can’t be f@cked listening or contributing to the staid, generic abuse singer Susan Boyle seems to come under everytime her name is metioned. Yeah, she’s an easy target, we get it but there’s only so many jokes you can crack at the expense of a woman who quite clearly never had it easy in her life, before the funny packs it’s case and leaves.

With that little morose rant out of the way here’s Susan Boyle’s cover of Depeche Mode’s famous song Enjoy The Silence. Not too shabby at all.