Swede Mason’s Lean On The Wind.

If for some tragic reason you aren’t familiar with the work of Swede Mason then check out his official YouTube page for a collection of the greatest pop culture remixes ever created.

His latest features Arnie reciting that cringe inducing poem to a class of kids in that seminal classic Kindergarten Cop.

(via Swede Mason)

‘Put The F**king Lotion In The Basket.’

With a full day of swabbing down the decks here at HMS Friday some of the crew retired early last night for a showing of Silence Of The Lambs. Revisiting a classic film usually throws up some things you may have missed or forgotten about through the passages of time. The one main thing we hadn’t realised was that actor Ted Levine who played serial killer Jame Gumb aka Buffalo Bill in the movie and delivered the immortal line: “put the fucking lotion in the basket”, is the same guy who played Sergeant Tanner in The Fast And The Furious, (shush your mouth), and the ill fated Bosko in Heat. As a tribute to Levine and his excellent portrayal of a transsexual psychopath with an extreme hatred of women, here are two tribute fan videos featuring that infamous scene and line of dialogue remixed and re-imagined for comedic effect. Warning: NSFW language.