Terminator 5 – The Gang Is Almost Back.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger folded up his business suit and put away his policy shoes the actor turned Governor of California has been itching to get back on the silver screen and it appears the offers have been flooding in.

But one project which has been doing the rounds on the Internet is the possibility of a fifth Terminator movie, (apparently entitled Terminator: 2012), which could re-team the entire cast from the original and first film in the franchise, under director Justin Lin, (Fast Five) Movie website Slashfilm has posted up details of what is at this stage merely rumour:

According to Latino Review’s source, the pitch is being touted as Terminator 2012 and has the “entire original cast” attached. Now ingest your grain of salt and continue. While the characters  – Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor, etc. – could be part of the story pitch, the actors themselves cannot have signed on to make the movie. No one has, there’s no script. Though treatments of a fifth Terminator movie have been floating around for years, Deadline’s story about the new pitch explicitly stated “There is no screenwriter attached at this point.” Without a script, no one is officially signed. Not even Schwarzenegger. He, most likely, is letting his name be used on the strength of the story idea and Lin’s passion for the franchise.

(via Slash Film)