Batman May Occupy Wall St.

Nothing cheapens a legitimate protest over unregulated greed and economic irresponsibility than the involvement of a ridiculously well financed Hollywood blockbuster movie, but that’s exactly what could happen if the latest Batman movie, (The Dark Knight Rises), films at the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a rumoured casting notice has been issued to crew outlining a plan to shoot in the cityon the 29th of this month and scenes could include the Occupy Wall Street protests, as urban unrest is one of the main themes latest installment of the Batman franchise.

The Times reports:

It’s unclear how protesters would react if cameras for “The Dark Knight Rises” were nearby. A former independent-film director, Nolan wouldn’t seem to have much in common with Wall Street fat cats. But he is overseeing a $250-million production financed by one of the world’s largest media conglomerates.
On the other hand, some demonstrators may find that the film accords with their mission. The casting call says that characters will inhabit “a city besieged by crime and corruption.” That’s almost like a description you’d read on a, well, Occupy Wall Streeter’s protest sign.

We’re hoping this is just another of director Christopher Nolan’s infamous red herrings for throwing the press off the scent of his latest movie, as it would be pretty crude and unseemly to hijack a legitimate protest about financial greed with a multi million dollar movie about a wealthy capitalist who spends his spare time running around in a cape and tight fitting spandex.

(via The Slate)