MW3’s Davis Family Vacation Scene Is Bound To Cause A Rumpus.

The new Call Of Duty game, scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, is sure to cause controversy with more than just one or two overpaid tabloid journalists.

The video below, (SPOILER ALERT), shows a cut scene from the game entitled ‘Davis Family Vacation‘ and is played out entirely through the husband/father’s POV with a hand held camera. He’s filming his daughter and wife enjoying their holiday on the streets of London when…KABLOOEY!

We’re a cynical bunch but we couldn’t help but think this was more of a deliberate move by the game’s developers to drum up some scandal, (nothing sells a game more than controversy), rather than expand or enrich the storyline. This isn’t the first time developers Infinity Ward or publishers Activision have rolled out near-the-knuckle content, Modern Warfare 2 came under critical fire back in 2009, when the infamous ‘No Russian‘ airport sequence sent journalists positively mental, as players had the option of partaking in a massacre of innocent civilians at a Russian airport.

What we can’t understand is why a child being blown to smithereens or a horrific bloodbath in a public facility is considered palatable enough content for a PG-13 rated game by Infinity Ward and Activision, yet for some strange reason they get all offended that their good name may be sullied if a porn star turns up at their game’s launch party?

Violence good. Sex bad!

That said, there’s nowt here you wouldn’t see in a Hollywood blockbuster. They’ve been killing off kids for years. Take Macauly Culkin in My Girl for example, they executed the poor wee mite by a swarm of angry bees. You callous Hollywood bastards!




Avast! Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer.

What feels like a lifetime ago we abandoned our good vessel rowed ashore one evening and paid a very rare visit to a nearby picture house where we sheathed our cutlasses for two hours as we endured a celluloid car crash called Planet Of The Apes which starred Mark Wahlberg under the direction of Tim Burton.

The film was so monementally bad we didn’t even have the energy to go pillaging for at least a month later. Fast forward ten years, (has a decade really passed that quickly?) and 20th Century Fox have released their official trailer for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes directed by Rupert Wyatt, who previously directed the brilliant Brian Cox movie The Escapist.

This movie also stars Coxy as well as Andy Serkis, James Franco and John Lithgow in what appears to be an effort to strip back the Apes franchise, wipe the board clean and start again with a more promising effort in the form of an origin story.

We’ll probably row ashore once more when Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is released in August.