Reality Hits You Hard Bro – Songified.

For the two of you who read this site you may remember that a while back we posted up a story about a guy called George Lindell who was involved in a car crash in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pretty mundane story until you watch the interview he gave with a local news channel. To say he was a little over enthusiastic in describing how the crash happened is an understatement, obviously he gained almost instant Internet fame, (not that he deliberately sought to, oh no). Regardless, the good and talented people Gregory Brothers have now ‘songified‘ Lindell’s interview to hilarious effect.

Here’s the original:


Crazy eHarmony Cat Lover Remix.

By now you’ve probably seen the video above of crazy cat lover Debbie who filmed herself for eHarmony online dating website and who went on an uncontrollable emotional rant about her undying devotion and obsession with cats. Of course thanks to news and media outlets across the land who refuse to report on real news her video became a ‘sensation‘.

It was, as we already suggested, a pile of horseshit and she was actually an actress trying to boost her profile, thanks to the debunking Pulitzer prise winning journalistic skills of Fox News. That said fun has definitely been had with the video by The Gregory Brothers who have songified the entire video something they previously did to great effect with the recent Charlie Sheen ‘winning‘ interview.

Jesus Christ how do we know this shit?