Afternoon Doubloons – Han Solo, Jack Bauer, Gremlins Tee & More.

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It’s time for the UK to apologise to Australia’s indigenous people – (The Guardian)

The undetectable serial killer theory – (Edward James Edwards)

Netflix has a ton of hidden categories and here’s how to find them – (The Medium)

Jack Bauer is gone as Fox moves on with a new series of 24 with a new leading character – (Nerdist)


Han Solo prequel won’t be an origin story after all – (Sequels Prequels)

Gremlins tribute t-shirt now available at Stealthy Giant – (Stealthy Giant)

Boy in Messi bag footbal shirt has been found – (BBC News)

A 45 minute behind-the-scens documentary on the filming of The Revenant – (YouTube)


Afternoon Doubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Lucy Liu will play Dr Watson in American TV Sherlock Holmes series called Elementary…surprisingly this isn’t a joke – (Empire Magazine)

Great story about infamous punk band MC5 playing at a Catholic high school back in 1969 – (Just Kill Yourself)

Wikileaks and Anonymous have teamed up to publish some fascinating information about an intelligence firm’s dirty little secrets – (Wired)

Apple nerds get themselves in a tizzy over a picture of a cargo plane which may or may not be full of iPad 3s – (9 to 5 Mac)


WTF! The Met police ‘loaned’ Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, a horse! – (The Guardian)

Of course there’s an obligatory Twitter account now For Rebekah Brooks’ horse – (@RebekahsHorse)

Google doesn’t take it’s own advice – (College Humor)

Google’s new privacy settings may breach EU data protection laws – (N Europe)

Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Your days of buying cannabis on a day trip to Amsterdam may be drawing to a close – (The Independent)

A third body is identified in Ohio in connection with killings linked to a job advert on Craigslist – (CNN)

Woman claims she was held prisoner on a boat for 12 years by the Church of Scientology. Celebs may have been involved – (Village Voice)

Chelsea Clinton is now a journalist. Well done Chelsea way to keep a University graduate out of a job. – (The Hollywood Reporter)

You’re in a 20ft long boat and an 18ft long Great White Shark pops up to say hello. Whatdoyado?

Tough times for everyone. Ryan Phillippe puts $7.45M home on the market for a second time. – (Daily Mail)

Woman’s face catches fire during routine surgery. Nothing to see here, move along. – (Jezebel)

They’re going to remake Starship Troopers. Thanks again Hollywood. – (Film Drunk)

Large quantities of radioactive water have leaked into the sea from a power plant in Japan. Did someone say Godzilla? – (The Guardian)

Morning Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Long Island bodies may be the work of a serial killer…you think? – (The Independent)

The MET are getting ready to buy water cannons for any future public unrest. V For Vendetta anyone? – (The Guardian)

Hallucinogenic drugs may help people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and terminal illness – (LA Times)

Two million people have been beaten to death with a giant purple dildo – (Games Radar)

Your laptop’s WiFi may be damaging your chances of having any children – (Mashable)

Varying levels of caffeine in coffee shops may pose a risk to pregnant women – (BBC Scotland)

Siri on the iPhone is anti-abortion – (Buzz Feed)

Seth Rogen criticises the Academy and defends friend James Franco – (Boffo)

Charlie Brooker’s Amazing Rant About The UK Speed Limit.

Jesus F@cking Christ!

We love Charlie Brooker, not because he’s a great writer but because he is a fuming, angry mess of a man who dislikes or hates pretty much everything.

The latest topic to boil Brooker’s kettle is the UK government’s proposal to increase the national speed limit on motorways throughout the country to 80mph, (it currently sits at 70mph). Why? Well because some completely out of touch and possibly drunk minister thinks that by getting people to travel faster on the roads means they’ll get to their individual destinations quicker, therefore shorter journey times for everyone and more time spent at work, which will in turn boost the nation’s economy and save us all from a life of poverty and prostitution. Huzzah!

Here’s just a juicy snippet of Brooker’s rant:

When I become minister for transport, I’ll introduce a new motorway lane specifically designed for 19th-century horse-drawn hay carts – a lane that criss-crosses all the other lanes at random intervals. I’d also position a sniper on every bridge and instruct them to blow the head off anyone who looks like they’re getting a bit of speed up. Or anyone who looks like they’re enjoying the road a bit too much for my liking. Or anyone listening to an album I hate. Or wearing a loud shirt. Or who might be Sagittarian.

If you want to read the rest of the article chart a course for HERE.

Picture Of Dead Osama Is A Fake

Osama Bin Laden is dead…or is he?

As people from around the globe emerged from their pits this morning it was quickly realised that the most wanted man in over a decade had been killed. Cue brass bands and ticker tape parades for the International bogey man was no more.

But then the questions started to crop up, the doubts over the validity of such a claim. Apparently some Navy Seals raided a compound in Pakistan where the terrorist mastermind was living and after a short fire fight Bin Laden was plugged in the face, then launched into the ocean for a sea burial before anyone had anytime to actually check the bastard’s pulse or rifle through his wallet.

Convenient method of getting rid of any evidence some may say. How on earth could authorities physically prove that they actually got their man? Surely without any hard proof legions of tin foil hat wearing basement dwellers would be calling foul and spitting Doritos furiously at their computer screens as they typed out their theory on a world wide conspiracy.

But wait, there is proof. There’s a photograph of the corpse of Bin Laden. A graphic, bloody picture which shows the man’s face, along with the same beard he’s kept for over ten years even though the whole world and it’s dog were looking for him, clearly. A photograph that’s now doing the rounds on every 24 hr news channel and is, as we type this boring post, being re-sized in newspaper offices around the globe in time for the front page of tomorrow’s edition.

Except the picture is a f@cking fake:

‘…initially published by the Middle East online newspaper on 29 April 2009.’

Thankfully British newspaper The Guardian has the skinny on how the picture, at least, is a big fat lie. Chart a course for HERE.