Eastwood Faces Criticism For Chrysler Super Bowl Advert.

In case you missed it actor/director Clint Eastwood starred in a gritty pro-American advert for car manufacturer Chrysler during last week’s coverage of the Super Bowl, (Go Wolverines!).

Say what you want about the blatant nationalistic tone of the commercial one thing’s for sure Dirty Harry still has bags of screen presence, but now he’s under fire from the dark side Republican party because they’ve interpreted the advert as showing support for Obama and a taxpayer bailout for Detroit’s automobile industry which included Chrysler…when they should’ve just let Detroit collapse and the thousands of people who live and work in the city rot in their own penniless, jobless filth.

Eastwood has defend the advert in an interview by stating: ‘It was meant to be a message,┬ájust about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK.’ But it wasn’t according to some Republicans who took to Twitter to express their rage and disgust. You know you’ve at least done something right if you’ve offended right wing politicians.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)



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