Avast! Trailer For Suicide Squad.

After it was secretly recorded and leaked online following its exclusive unveiling at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend, Warner Bros have now officially released the full and glorious trailer for Suicide Squad.

The movie is written and directed by David Ayer, (Traning Day, Fury), and stars among others Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto as The Joker two members of a special group of super villains which a secret government agency recruits to execute dangerous black ops missions, in exchange for clemency.

There has been a lot of concern by rabid fanboys about the prospect of a Suicide Squad movie but judging from the trailer it looks like they really had nothing to worry about.

Suicide Squad is scheduled for general release on August 5th, 2016.



Was Heath Ledger’s Joker Based On Tom Waits?

Heath Ledger may have based The Joker on Tom Waits. The mystery of how the late Heath Ledger came up with his personal take on the infamous super villain may finally now be solved after years of speculation.

As many fanboys have recently pointed out this Tom Waits interview from 1979 has some spooky similarities. Just listen to that voice and look at those mannerisms.