Begad! The King’s Piece Trailer.

Let’s get something straight we haven’t seen the multi-Oscar winning period flick The King’s Speech, mainly because the mere idea of watching someone struggle with a speech impediment for two hours is not our idea of entertainment. But a film about someone struggling with penile dysfunction surrounded by busty wenches? Consider our ticket bought.

The above trailer, which is completely safe, is for porn parody The King’s Piece, (see what they did there?), which tells the story of King, a male porn star who is forced to overcome his inability to pitch a tent on demand by meeting with an unorthodox pee pee specialist, played by the rather gorgeous Dani O’Neal.  Late night televised sex line Babestation is behind the parody and some confusion exists over whether this is just simply a fun fake trailer to boost their profile or an actual feature, (yes, we are beside ourselves with feverish anticipation too). Oh, we forgot to mention that it also stars the simply elegant sounding Michelle Moist.

One potato, two potato, three potato, four!