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Empire Magazine lifts the lid on some more details surrounding the 24 movie which will be a full day in two hours – (Empire Magazine)

Lovefilm generously plans out all the movies you’ll want to see in the next twelve months – (Lovefilm)

Things have just become way too commercial on Tatooine – (Geeks Of Doom)

He’s at it again. Tony Blair and the £8m tax mystery – (The Independent)

TV chef and recent I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant Antony Worrell Thompson got nabbed for shoplifting – (The Guardian)

Tom Hanks has created his own online animated series – (Hey U Guys)

Bored men in lab coats tinker further with Mother Nature and produce monster headed supersoldier ants – (The Telegraph)

Iran sentence former US marine to death, increasing the tension between the two countries – (The Huffington Post)

New Zealand Has Giant Insects.

Not content with gaining the official title of ‘Home of Rugby‘ earlier this year, (albeit by just one point), New Zealand have gone and secured themselves the denomination of  ‘Home of the World’s Largest Insect.’

This amazing picture was taken by adventurer Mark Moffett, a man who National Geographic described as: “the Indiana Jones of Entomology,” after he discovered  the giant Weta up a tree on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand. Apparently Weta’s suffer from Island Gigantism a common side effect for species who are allowed to breed in practical isolation, (which explains why Brooke Shields’ boobies seemed to be growing at an alarming rate throughout the course of The Blue Lagoon…oh the memories) This Weta has now officially been declared the biggest insect in the world which can eat whole carrots and has a wing span of seven inches. Good luck sleeping tonight!

(via The Telegraph, via I Heart Chaos)

Morning Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Scottish comedian Limmy comes under fire from Tory MP Louise Mensch for his Thatcher comments on Twitter, (Mensch is the same MP who’s in favour of fox hunting and wants to shut down Twitter and Facebook at the slightest hint of social unrest) – (Telegraph)

We love this story. The guy who runs I Heart Chaos helps out a young 13 year-old gamer who had his copy of Skyrim stolen right out of his hands as he left Game Stop – (I Heart Chaos)

Graphic Novellist Frank Miller calls the ‘Occupy’ protestors  ‘pond scum, thieves, louts and rapists’ and in doing so has enraged a lot of his fans –  (Frank Miller Ink)

The Western Black Rhino of Africa is now officially extinct and two more rhino species are set to follow – (CBS News)

3,000 policemen storm Rio De Janeiro’s biggest slum – (CNN)

Some of the requests the Foreign Office has received throughout the years have been downright bizarre – (BBC News)

Amazon reassures buyers that the Kindle Fire can compete with the best – (The Atlantic Wire)

De Niro To Play Bernie Madoff

The Telegraph is reporting that Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has been slated to star in a movie about Wall St swindler and convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff, a man who cheated thousands of investors in his Ponzi scheme out of a collective $50bn.

This is wrong on so many levels, for one there are umpteen documentaries and books about this shithead so if people really want to find out about this vile character then there’s tons of literature already out there, we don’t need a big budget Hollywood movie with A-Listers hamming it up for the camera, on the back of true story which ruined countless lives. What if the movie ends up getting a nod from the Academy and De Niro wins Best Actor Oscar for his role? His speech could be:

“Wow, what an honour. Yeah, thanks. This was a terrible story, a story about the actions of one man which we all felt just had to be told and our sympathies are with the thousands of people who were left financially ruined through the actions of that one man. But f@ck you guys I just won an Oscar!

Apparently HBO have bought the rights to the book “Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family“, a book incidentally penned with the co-operation of Madoff’s son Andrew and other family members, who have yet to confirm or deny that they’ve received royalties for collaborating.

Yes we know Madoff will never see the light of day, (he was sentenced to 150 years), and that his son Mark was so ashamed of his father’s crimes he committed suicide, but you know, you just f@cking know that a ruthless, egotistical, narcissist like Bernie Maddof will relish the fact that his life will be immortalised on the big screen by arguably one of the greatest actors of a generation.

(via The Telegraph)


Morning Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Cigarette free Obama warns Iran not to fuck him around today – (The Daily Mash)

Want to know what the Hidden Wiki is all about? We did and now we wish we didn’t – (The Telegraph)

A wonderful piss-take vigil for the demise of Kim Kardashian’s marriage – (Buzz Feed)

Woman in coma after being two kids dropped a shopping cart on her from a four storey building – (The Gothamist)


Large chested female in a tight shirt in a Toyota Supra travelling at speed. an you guess what happens next?

Coffee could save your brain, ward off cancer and protect you from Parkinson’s Disease – (The Huffington Post)

A father and son duo, who laughed while torturing a man with a kettle, get 14 years – (BBC Scotland)

Pictures of Mangyongdae – The Last Funfair in North Korea – (Kurioistis)

Some heartless bastard shouted:’Where’s Bumblebee now?’ When Shia Lebeouf took a beating – (Film Drunk)

Jub Jub is without doubt the coolest dog on the planet.

Doomsday Trader Who Shocked The BBC Is Just An Attention Seeker.

If you missed this story and the subsequent kerfuffle it caused over the last few days then here’s the abridged version:

BBC News 24 interviewed an independent stock trader by the name of Alessio Rastani, who in just three minutes shocked the nation with his frankness about the current state of the global markets and the proposed Eurozone bail-out package. Confessing that: “Governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world and Goldman Sachs does not care about the rescue package.”

As jaws dropped back in the studio and around the country the Internet went into a frenzied meltdown and theories emerged that Rastani might be a political hoaxer and member of The Yes Men.

But there’s a further twist in this tale as it’s now emerged Rastani is nothing more than a self-confessed attention seeker, who lives in a house owned by his partner and is also a pretty unsuccessful businessman, according The Telegraph he is:

… a 99pc shareholder in public speaking venture Santoro Projects. Its most recent accounts show cash in the bank of £985. After four years trading net assets are £10,048 – in the red.

For more on the ‘public speaker‘ who has never been authorised by the Financial Services Authority and how he managed to blag his way onto a BBC interview chart a course for HERE.

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Vultures To Be Trained By Police To Find Dead Bodies.

We were gathered on the main deck the other night watching an old Western film, the main protagonist was looking for his friend in a canyon when he suddenly spots a group of circling vultures in the distance, cue discovery of his friend’s dead body.

At the time we discussed at some length, (with the inclusion of alcohol), the possibilities of using vultures to assist the police and other authorities in finding dead bodies. So imagine our surprise when we read the following:

‘German police are planning to use vultures to locate dead bodies that sniffer dogs can’t reach.

They will attach global positioning system tracking devices to birds and get them to find the corpses of people who have disappeared in remote areas.

You can read more about this story over at The Telegraph‘s main website. Sadly there is still no suggestion of police using bees to find stolen pots of jam.

(via The Telegraph)