Afternoon Dubloons: Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin’.

Seven amazing infographics about fitness – (Good Net)

The cast of The Wire: Where are they now? – (Black Enterprise)

A genuine UFO mystery in the skies over Denver – (KDVR)

Seven of the best TV mini-series of all time – (Guyism)


Tom Hardy to star in Splinter Cell movie – (Gamma Squad)

Is Matthew McConaughey taking method acting too far? – (WWTDD)

The best Batman comics you will ever read – (UGO)

Ten bizarre death rituals from around the world – (io9)

Three Days Left To Bag Yourself A Discounted T-Shirt @ The DOFC.

Our good friends over at The Dept Of Fashion Corrections, (, have only three days left of their massive pre-Christmas 20% off sale.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this fantastic offer or even visited their brilliant site then what the hell are you waiting for? The beauty of this kind of sale is it’s simplicity. No silly promo codes for you to punch in and no minimum purchases to qualify, all you have to do is select your tees, click and buy. Job done and everyone’s happy. We’lll feature a t-shirt a day up until Christmas Eve when the discount comes to an end.

Here’s one we’re particularly fond of The Wire tribute t-shirt; Cutty’s Boxing Gym. It reminds us of the huge hole which has been left since the series ended and how we still have to find a substantial replacement.


Avast! Trailer For Chronicle.

This is exactly how the TV series Heroes should’ve been made.

Directed by Josh Trank this superhero indie flick stars Michael B Jordan, (Wallace from The Wire), Dane DeHaan and Michael Kelly and was written by Max Landis, (son of legendary director John Landis), and tells the story of three high school students who make an incredible discovery, which in turn gives them uncanny powers beyond their understanding. But as is the case with having any kind of power in life things start to go a tad dark, much like being in charge of the TV remote.

We’re not usually fans of the whole ‘found footage‘ genre, but there’s certainly something interesting about the look and feel of Chronicle, which is due for release on February 2012.