The X Factor Voice Over Man Strikes Back.


The creators of this amazing video, (see their official YouTube page HERE), have been accused of bullying as their parody of The X Factor takes a healthy swipe at all involved. If that’s the case then surely us non-X Factor fans are bullied every weekend as our lives are invaded with this absolute horse shit karaoke competition.

As one YouTube commenter eloquently put it: ‘If you can’t face the firing squad then don’t join the army‘.

(via Anorak News)

Morning Booty. Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

First Muppet movie review is in. Long story short the Muppets are great, they’re human co-stars? Not so much – (Hollywood Reporter)

X Factor judge Gary Barlow was genuinely shocked by the raunchy dance moves during of some of the auditions this year – (MSN)

Some outrageous footage of Egyptian security forces beating protesters in Cairo – (The Atlantic Wire)

Pregnant woman miscarries after she’s pepper sprayed by Seattle police during a peaceful protest – (Buzz Feed)

Little girl axes player in Skyrim as proud parents watch and laugh. Wonder if their joy will continue years from now till the night of their own bloody demise at the hands of their bloodthirsty axe obsessed 18 year-old daughter?

TV show will ‘dare sharks’ to bite divers during a live broadcast. Say no more, we’re there! – (Warming Glow)

Die-hard Twilight fan drives to the cinema on three tyres – (Film Drunk)

The Information Super Highway is an Internet graveyard for relic websites still active since their launch back in the 90s – (Information Super Highway)

A fascinating article on the deadliest gangs of El Salvador – (Environmental Graffiti)

Javelin missle missfire in Afghanistan. MW3 can’t do this.

HMS Friday’s Link Booty.

Stuff which what we found interestin’.

Smuggle Truck a controversial people trafficking game for the iPhone has The Daily Mail’s panties all up in a bunch.

About bloody time! It looks like we’ll be getting an Arrested Development film after all (via Film Drunk)

Could this really be the future of gaming? (via Game Informer)

Five football, (soccer), players who should really give some of their money back (via The Spoiler)

Yet another fan film this time for Superman. Entitled Superman Classic by the very talented artist Rob Pratt (via Geekosystem)

Lazy arsed Journalist poaches story from website and claims it as his own (via Anorak News)

Danny Boyle’s next movie may be about shape shifting gangsters in LA (via HeyUGuys)

A pre-superbowl video which appeared on ESPN before the game taking the rip out of Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy. We will literally watch anything Matt Damon is and we don’t care who hears us say that either.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey re-teamed on SNL. Is there a Wayne’s Word 3 in the pipeline? (via Den Of Geek)

Just when you thought The X Factor couldn’t stoop any lower (via Warming Glow)

Mysterious frozen lake in Antarctica is about to be examined by Russian scientists. The Thing anyone? (via News Daily)

Wagner 24/1 To Win!

And so a star is born.

First of all we don’t watch The X Factor. We hate the programme with an unbridled passion which ignites an uncontrollable urge to endlessly rant about how much we hate the f@cking programme. That aside, something special is happening this year which should be of interest to those of you who share a similar view.

As you will no doubt be aware there’s a certain contestant on this year’s show, 54 year-old Wagner, (pronounced Vagner), Fiuza – Carrilho, who’s causing quite a stir. Simply because he has the vocal talents of a drunk uncle at a wedding and for some reason has made it through to the final seven. Cowell’s, Cole’s and Minogue’s searing disdain for the man, who looks like the bastard son of Whiplash and Peter Stringfellow, is obvious as they continue to rip into him giving the man no credit for having the balls to just take to the stage, who let’s face it is doing the best he can to win himself the £1M record contract. It takes a real man to  effortlessly rape not one but three classic Beatles songs and still call it a performance.

But on Sunday night judge Cheryl Cole’s facade almost slipped and she nearly revealed to the nation her true hidden alien reptilian form by referring to a news article where Wagner had described her as a ‘girl from a council estate who was just very lucky’. Confronting the Brazilian about this Cheryl then proceeded to twist what the man had actually said to the journalist and turned what should have been a judgement on Wagner’s performance into yet another ego boosting issue about the royal Cole. Isn’t the Queen Of Chavs forever banging on about not believing what you read in the rags? Isn’t that what she blubbered to old arseface during her ‘highly personal’ interview before crying a river on his highly informed news shoulder?

Things are turning a little sour for The X Factor and with a massive fan base and swelling support, which seems to be coming from a student based collective coupled with those that despise the programme, for Wagner to win this series outright we are, for the first time, rooting for a contestant in a reality TV programme. We are aware this breaks the vow we made many years ago but if Wagner goes on to win this could herald the beginning of the end for The X Factor and that’s something we could really get behind.

If you fancy a flutter on the 54 year-old Brazilian to win this series of the programme then here is a list of his current odds with a variety of top bookmakers online:

Betfair – 24/1

Ladbrokes – 20/1

32 Red – 20/1

Totesport – 18/1

Paddy Power – 16/1

Bet 365 – 16/1

William Hill – 14/1

You And Your Poopmouth, Dermot!

Not sure if this was a simple slip of the tongue by the host of The X Factor, Dermot O’Leary, or if in fact he was simply expressing exactly what everyone else in the country has been thinking for some time now. Only joking Katie, we actually refuse to watch the soul sucking programme, which you so desperately need to be on. Thanks to Hot Lauren for the tip.

The Talent Vacuum Continues.

To say that the crew here at HMS Friday thoroughly despise reality television, so much so that if it were a person we would gladly drag it screaming out by it’s heels into a car park and force it to endure some form of blunt force trauma,  would be something of an understatement. Apparently some pop singer who won, or came a runner-up or appeared for a brief while on The X Factor some time ago made a re-appearance recently to sing and ultimately promote her new single. Diana Vickers performed an absolute car crash of a song entitled My Wicked Fart Heart which, in our own humble opinion, was so ear rapingly bad we had no idea the song actually had lyrics, until some kind person decided to post up the subtitles to her, (in loose brackets), performance. Hey Vickers nice plagiarism on the chorus from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.