Avast! Official Trailer For Reach Me.

Here’s the official trailer for the star studded movie Reach Me, which looks like a hybrid of Crash and 2 Days In The Valley, which is probably more than a coincidence as the writer/director of this feature, John Herzfeld also wrote and directed 2 Days In The Valley.

Reach Me tells the story of a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach, played by a weather beaten Tom Berenger who fills out a cast which includes Sly Stallone, Lauren Cohan, Kyra Sedgwick, Terry Crews, Thomas Jane, Kevin Connolly and Danny Trejo, to name a few.

Reach Me is scheduled for release in October.

Bradley Cooper Might Be The New Indy.

Movie website Sequels Prequels is reporting that there’s a Hollywood rumour doing the rounds that Bradley Cooper might be in the running to take Harrison Ford’s iconic hat and whip combo from him, for the next Indiana Jones movie.

With Ford now in his seventies and the franchise in Disney’s ownership it would make sense for the company to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh with a possible new trilogy. Business is business after all. The good news is Frank Darabont has written a script for Indy 5, but Cooper as Dr Jones just doesn’t make sense to us. In fact we can think of five more suitable replacements for the role.

1. Natha Fillion, (Firefly, Castle) – Cocky, extremely witty, only downside is he’s put a few pounds on of late, (haven’t we all), but that’s nothing a few kettlebell sessions wouldn’t fix.


2. Thomas Jane, (The Punisher, The Mist) – Also witty, has a history of doing his own stunts and has worked with Frank Darabont before.


3. Joel Edgerton, (Warrior, The Great Gatsby) – He’s already worked on a Star Wars movie and loves the physical side of acting. Has that rough and ready look firmly nailed down.

Joel Edgerton-LMK-093587

4. Chris Pratt, (Parks & Rec, Gaurdians Of The Galaxy),  – Full of comedic talent which would come in handy for the one liners and isn’t afraid to throw himself around.


5. Idris Elba, (Luther, Pacific Rim) – Just imagine Elba in that role. Go on, realise just how f**king good he’d be as Indiana Jones.


For the full story on this development chart a course for HERE.

A Punisher Fan Film From Thomas Jane.


Actor Thomas Jane who appeared in the Punisher film back in 2004 obviously loves the character of Frank Castle and quite clearly wants to play him again in a reboot of the Marvel Comic’s character. Such is the man’s love for this property he went and made a rather excellent unofficial Punisher short film called Dirty Laundry, which he unveiled at this year’s Comic Con. He said:

I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

In typical Frank Castle fashion it’s outrageously violent and once again maintains the whole vigilante esque vibe. It also features Ron Pearlman, (Sons Of Anarchy, Hellboy), in a cameo appearance and realistically demonstrates the many different uses of  a Jack Daniels bottle.