Gotham By Gaslight – The Game That Never Was.

Above is a feature video for the now cancelled gaming title Gotham By Gaslight, based upon the DC Comic of the same name.

Apparently the game was centred around the adventures of a Victorian styled Batman, battling crime on the cobbled streets of London town while attempting to track down Jack The Ripper and bring him to justice. Game developers Day 1 and THQ pitched the idea of Gotham By Gaslight with concept art and the prototype video above, but for reason they were unsuccessful, which is a great shame as the idea of a steam punk themed Batman game sounds amazing.

(via What Culture)

Saints Row’s Website Doesn’t Recognise The UK

We hopped on the official website for the soon to be released sandbox game Saints Row: The Third this afternoon, to create our very own in game character but were disappointed to find that the United Kingdom has vanished as a country of origin.

The Initiation Station allows gamers to customise their very own game characters which can be used during the Beta launch of the game, (we were going for a Scottish pirate look, kilt, eye-patch and no underpants), but during the sign-up process for the site only England is recognised as the sole UK country of origin. Don’t misinterpret our point here, (even though we are Scottish), it’s not England’s fault but this oversight on the developer’s part can only really be because:

1. The American game developers have never used a map.


2. They were too lazy to write out the words ‘United Kingdom’.

Come on THQ think how difficult it must be for all your Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans to relinquish their patriotism and succumb to clicking on ‘England‘ as their country of origin.

*puts down claymore, takes off kilt and washes blue war paint from face*

Avast! Saints Row The Third Gameplay Video.

We’ve always been fans of open world, sandbox games and with Rockstar pretty much proving that they have that genre sewn-up it’s refreshing to find a company who have the balls to take them on at their very own game…(excuse the pun).

Competing with the likes of Grand Theft Auto is always going to be a mine field, players will be constantly comparing and criticising, but developers Volition Inc managed to create a world with Saints Row that although similar in basic premise differed greatly in game-play and structure with a more anarchic approach to proceedings, going light with realism and heavy with arcade action .


Yep, that's exactly what you think it is.

Now with their latest installment for their franchise, Saints Row The Third, scheduled for release in November it appears that they’ve ratcheted the chaos, the fun, the anarchy, the over-the-top cartoon violence and the profanity to a whole new level as the seven minute long game-play video demonstrates. From specialised fighting moves and outrageous costumes, to sex toy weapons and people cannons, Saints Row The Third may have finally given Rockstar a crushing nut shot.