Avast! New Thundercats Trailer.

Thundercats are back! Here’s the first official trailer for the all new series due to be aired on the Cartoon Network later in the year.

As you can see there are a few changes to the 80s cult cartoon as they have appeared to have left out of Panthro, (although word has it the coolest bald panther/human hybrid to exisit is in the series), and Snarf and they’ve changed Lion-O into some hipster looking teenager. Apparently this version of Thundercats will detail the rise of Lion-O in his early years, which would explain the short haircut.

That being said the series does look pretty cool blending anime style animation with CGI imagery to great effect, without ever losing it’s original 2D origins. Although this will forever be our favourite Thundercats moment.

Thundercats Reboot Looks…Shit!

Here’s what appears to be a sneak peek at the new Thundercats reboot although nerds around the Interweb are claiming it may be just test footage from a failed attempt to revive the series a few years ago. Just looks like your usual standard CGI crappy animation if you ask us. To be fair the original cartoon was about a talking lion in a leotard so what the f@ck were people expecting.