Hell Broke Luce – Tom Waits At His Best.

The music video above is for the song Hell Broke Luce from the 2011 album Bad As Me by Tom Waits. The highly politically themed video was put together by Waits and  directed by photographer Matt Mahurin.

Fans have been speculating as to the basis of the song and Waits has indeed hinted that it pertains to the life and death of Jeffrey Lucey, an Iraq war veteran who returned home only to take his own life.


Was Heath Ledger’s Joker Based On Tom Waits?

Heath Ledger may have based The Joker on Tom Waits. The mystery of how the late Heath Ledger came up with his personal take on the infamous super villain may finally now be solved after years of speculation.

As many fanboys have recently pointed out this Tom Waits interview from 1979 has some spooky similarities. Just listen to that voice and look at those mannerisms.