The Ultimate Christmas Movie World Cup Continues.

As the ultimate search continues for the greatest Christmas movie of all time, The Dept Of Fashion Corrections, whose competition we are now co-hosting, have three more fixtures for you today. Yesterday the two fixtures, (see post below), resulted in a victory for The Muppets Christmas Carol over Elf and a victory for Die Hard 2 over Miracle On 34th Street. The Dept of Fashion Corrections have three fixtures for us today and here is your first:

Group 3 – Match 1: Lethal Weapon vs Trading Places

Billy Ray & Winthorpe III vs Murtaugh & Riggs

Group 4 – Match 1: Home Alone vs It’s A Wonderful Life.

McCallister vs Bailey

Group 5 – Match 1: Christmas With The Kranks vs The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Skellington vs The Kranks

Remember just leave a comment below or on The DOFC’s facebook page mentioning the films you want to win each fixture. Get voting.

The Ultimate Christmas Movie World Cup.

There can be only one!

No, we aren’t about to start listing our top ten favourite festive films of all time, like every other website and blog. Instead we’ve joined up with our kind sponsors, (see advert at top of page), The Dept Of Fashion Corrections who have just launched their attempt to find the ultimate Christmas movie by staging a World Cup themed contest. They have gathered together 32 classic films which are set or are in some way associated with Christmas and have drawn and placed them into eight groups. Just like the world cup only two films from each group will progress to the next stage and so on until obviously two reach the grand final. You can only take part by logging onto their Facebook Page or casting your vote in the comments below. We will be featuring all the fixtures here on a daily basis so keep checking back.

The first two matches kicked off earlier today and you still have time to vote for your favourites in each. They are as follows:

Group 1 – Match 1: Die Hard 2 vs Miracle On 34th Street.

McClane vs Kringle

Group 2 – Match 1: Elf vs The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Buddy vs Kermit

The final will take place on Dec 24th Christmas Eve, culminating in the announcement of the ultimate Christmas movie. Want to vote on these two fixtures? Leave your comment below.