Creepy Guy Notices He’s Being Filmed – Could Be A Wanted Terrorist.

Ever have that feeling you’re being watched from very far away? Well the bloke in the video above did and he was right.

Posted on Reddit earlier this week the man who took the video left the following description. He wrote:

‘I took my new camera to Spain with me. While testing the zoom, I noticed this dodgy looking fellow, and I think he noticed me too…’

Of course with Reddit on the case it wasn’t long before someone managed to flesh out the innocuous story even more, by suggesting the man in the video was none other than Daniel Andreas San Diego, (real name apparently), a vegan, animal rights terrorist wanted by the FBI for two bombings in the San Francisco area in 2003.

You be the judge.


Justice On A Friday Morning.

We recently purchased the new Justice album, Audio, Video, Disco and boy were we glad we did.

What an uplifting collection of songs to get your blood pumping when you can’t find the industrial strength coffee in the office. By the duo’s own admission this album isn’t anywhere near as dark and grimy as Cross, they’ve described this new material as ‘daytime music‘ and there’s a definite metal flavour to the proceedings with a few tracks sounding like long forgotten 70’s arena rock anthems, but those crafty two Frenchmen definitely know how to mix together a tune.